What Are the Advantages of Hiring a Professional Mover Vs Moving Yourself?

The process of shifting comes with a boatload of decisions. Which company to hire for the move, which house to buy and which furniture to move and when. These are all tough choices to ponder. Add in the decision of whether to shift yourself or hire professional movers.

There is no surprise why many people become overwhelmed before they even start packing their items. This article will help you make the best decision and help you figure out which moving option suits your needs.

There are endless advantages of hiring a professional mover, as most of us are not trained to do heavy lifting or move things out of the house.

Before making your conclusion let’s look at the pros and cons of each option.

Hiring Professional Movers:


You don’t have to raise a finger:

The top advantages of hiring a professional mover are that these trained experts do all the heavy lifting. You don’t have to worry about stretching muscles, scraping up new floors, or requesting friends to help you with the shift.


Unlike friends that peel off, a moving company is under contract to support all the agreed features of the move. A moving company should arrive on time with the appropriate moving equipment and supplies to move the bulky items and furniture to load into the truck and then unload it into your new house.

Safe Long Term Labour Cost:

Hiring Professionals will help you save long-run labor costs. If you move by yourself, you can never take all the furniture by yourself you have to hire someone to take some big mess.

So, besides wasting money on these minor workers, you can hire professional movers for this challenge to provide you with the best facilities at a reasonable price. They will take care of everything, and you just have to sit and drink coffee.

Moving Yourself


Absolute authority over your move:

The most significant advantage of a DIY move is absolute control over the whole shifting process. You get to pick the truck and all of the shifting supplies. Also, you can handle all the boxes yourself to ensure nothing cracks in the process.

Save Money:

Let’s face the fact that most of us are on a tight budget. So a DIY move would be the best option. Charges incurred from a moving company can instantly add up and surpass expectations.


Heavy Lifting:

The worst thing about a DIY move is that you have to shift everything yourself. Unless you have some friends and some of the duty falls on their shoulders. Even lifting all those boxes and bulky furniture would not be a walk over the park. And in the worst case can break your back as well.


Planning the entire shifting process by yourself will take a lot of planning. You have to work out the logistics of getting your stuff from Point A to Point B.

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